From Cotton to Clothing

The best organic cotton in your hands: nurturing nature, nurturing baby.

Clothe your baby with our thoughtfully sourced and designed, pure and natural fabrics. We search the world for the best organic cotton and only select our textiles from farms that bring the entire harvest back to nature.

Each season’s crop is seeded with the previous year’s top organic yield and produced without the use of hazardous synthetic pesticides. Farmers rotate their crops to create a nutrient rich soil. For example, they cultivate yellow corn, then used to feed free-range chickens. They also cultivate organic produce and make organic fertilizers (compost and boil). All of which they can use themselves or sell to widen their income sources.

All plagues are controlled in a natural way. The pink worm and white flea plagues, for example, are controlled by placing bottles with water and molasses throughout the fields.

Cotton is still hand picked, which ensures the quality of the fiber, and also avoids the use of defoliants which are needed in mechanized harvests.

This is all possible thanks to the labor of hard working small farmers who own their land.

 The cotton is then spun and woven to produce the fabric. This is all done in special areas of the textile facilities to avoid mixing the cotton with non-organic cotton products. The fabric is then dyed with low-impact dyes approved by GOTS to produce safe and beautiful solid colors.


 Some of the fabric is then silkscreened by hand, using a traditional silkscreen machine from the 70’s to produce fun and delicate motifs. 

 Patterns are hand drawn and carefully cut by experienced pattern makers. Samples are tried on our babies to ensure the most comfortable fit.


 Finally, the fabric is taken to small women-owned workshops to be sewn into adorable baby apparel.


 *All our clothing is manufactured and designed in Chile by women-owned and sweatshop-free businesses.

Your baby will feel the difference, and you can feel confident that we put as much care into our clothing as you do with your baby everyday.


Organic It’s Worth It

Each year, billions of pounds of synthetic pesticides are used in non-organic cotton production. These pesticides make their way into the soil and water systems, threatening soil health, clean water supplies, and biodiversity. They also make their way into clothing and textiles, through which people are exposed to toxic chemicals with known health risks. When you choose organic clothing and textiles, you help to reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides, and in turn, protect your health and the health of the planet.

Have you cottoned on yet?

Global Organic Cotton Initiative launched by the Soil Association and GOTS:

Organic cotton delivers proven benefits for people and the environment – when it comes to making sustainability claims you can trust, nothing beats it.

Cotton-On Project: spells out the 5 unique benefits of organic production:

1. Give control to farmers, not GM companies

Organic farmers don't have their choices controlled by GM companies

2. Eliminate hazardous synthetic pesticides

Organic cotton doesn’t use dangerous pesticides, protecting farmers’ lives and the environment

3. Help farmers feed their families

Organic cotton enables farmers to grow other crops for food and income

4. Save precious water

Organic cotton uses less water, preserving a scarce and precious resource for the future

5. Combat climate change

Organic cotton farming uses less energy and healthy organic soils store more CO2


The Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.